Security Shutters, Sectional and Roller Doors in Ireland

Insulated Roller Door

The insulated door helps reduce heat loss from your garage leaving the building warmer and protected from the weather as well as increasing security.  The 77mm laths interlock to provide a draught free curtain.

As with all our doors, the insulated roller door is made-to-measure and available in a wide range of colours to suit individual requirements.
The insulated roller door will suit most garages with compact versions available in case the amount of room above the opening of your garage is limited.
The vast range of colours mean there is plenty of choice and something to suit everyone.

As standard, the insulated roller door is operated electronically allowing easy access to your garage.  Complete peace of mind is assured with manual override systems either with a winding handle or battery backup options.  An external manual release is available should there be no other access to the garage.
A manual version of the insulated roller door is available on request if there is no power in your garage.

Safe operation is paramount with every motorised door having a safety device in the form of a bottom safety edge or a hold to run door closing function.  This means that should there be an obstruction in the path of the door, the door will stop.

Space Saving
Like the single skin roller door, the insulated door rolls up vertically saving space inside and at the front of your garage.

Canopy box options to close Canopy Option
in the barrel completely are available.

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